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These parking studies would need to “identify the impacts of the project on the existing parking supply within the Diridon area, and suggest ways to mitigate the impact if it is deemed significant,” possibly resulting in the construction of surplus parking spaces, the cost of which would be borne by developers and passed onto tenants in the form of higher rents.

In an encouraging step, the council members’ joint June 13 memo also supports the creation of a Transportation Management Association (TMA) to encourage the use of alternative modes of transportation, and that the SAP Center be “a key stakeholder” in any such TMA.

According to DOT Director Jim Ortbal: This is a standard preparation phase of a pavement sealing project, whereby the City’s contractor will be removing damaged sections of pavement/roadway base and replacing it with new asphalt/concrete to ensure the underlying road structure is sound prior to a final sealing treatment.

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I am writing to you today, before your vote tomorrow at the City Council Meeting on 28 June 2016 (at San Jose City Hall) on Item 6.1: Lincoln Avenue Pilot Project Report.Stakeholders SGV stands firm with the Lincoln Avenue Road Diet initiative and urges Mayor Liccardo and all the Councilmembers to support the recommendation that reads as follows: “Accept the Lincoln Avenue Pilot Project Report, and support the plan to pave and stripe Lincoln Avenue in the current pilot configuration, implement minor traffic signal improvements at the Minnesota/Lincoln intersection, and traffic calming improvements in adjacent neighborhoods.” Subject: “Public Safety of Primary Schools at the Lincoln Avenue Road Diet Test Zone (bulb-outs)” Addressed to: Tim Mulcahy, Willow Glen Business Association; side note to San Jose ‘s (District 6) Councilmember Pierluigi Oliverio.There’s a few things that I would like to articulate about public safety around the areas of downtown Willow Glen’s two primary education schools; that’s with regards to street design and infrastructural improvements like curb extension (also known as bulb-outs).These amendments include adding a “Parking Policy 9” to the plan’s Implementation Strategy Report, developed in close collaboration with SAP Center.The sports and entertainment arena has requested that over 20,000 car parking spaces be constructed in the Diridon Station Area — double what the city’s recommends based on its projections of parking demand — and has criticized the city’s plans to improve transit as “unlikely to allow convenient transportation.” The city’s memo recommends adding new conditions to future commercial development within the Diridon Station Area.

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