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Ang Dating Daan program aims to propagate the true and everlasting Gospel of Christ based on the Bible, convert sinners to believe and glorify God.Only the Church can teach the wisdom of God in the salvation of mankind.50e732aea71c34fc0c013f81 121.092167 14.614627 121.09214.614 3169947 2012-09-17 103, Pasig City, Philippines 6 [email protected] post 2012-09-17 Ang Dating Daan Coordinating Center Point 121.092167 14.614627 Tj [email protected] I had been listening to your program since I was in my 20's . Santolan, Pasig City, Philippines RUX Point 121.092032 14.612773 50e732aea71c34fc0c013f85 63 Main, Pasig City, Philippines South Supermarket Point 121.093167 14.616708 55722648a62b7fe0426e17b5 establishment Point 121.092413 14.616931 Amethyst Security and Investigation Agency, Inc.Now, I'm already in my 40's and I want to be baptize this time. 8 months ago 50e732aea71c34fc0c013f82 34 Amang Rodriguez Avenue, Pasig City, Philippines Engel Lucas Tattoo Point 121.092181 14.61444 50e732aea71c34fc0c013f83 1253 Amang Rodriguez Avenue, Dela Paz, Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines Kia Motors - Pasig Point 121.092263 14.614276 50e732aea71c34fc0c013f84 63 1250 Amang Rodriguez Avenue, Pasig City, Philippines Manhattan Motor Service Point 121.092408 14.615069 50e71958a71c34da0a01d43c Santolan, Marikina City, Philippines Mickeys Autosound Point 121.092229 14.615439 50e732aea71c34fc0c013f7f 63 Unit 3. Unit 19/20 Jacinto Plaza Building Amang Rodriguez, Avenue, Barangay Santolan, Pasig, 1600, Philippines 63 55722641a62b7fe0426e1793 car_wash establishment Point 121.092231 14.616973 Washingtown DC - Detailing & Carwash 50 Amang Rodriguez Avenue, Santolan, Pasig, 1610 Metro Manila, Philippines 63 9 50e732aea71c34fc0c013f80 63 18 Amang Rodriguez Avenue, Santolan, Pasig City, Philippines Avant Garde Graphics Design (Tarpaulin / Offset Office) Point 121.09192 14.61228 50e732aea71c34fc0c013f87 448 Erlyn st., Bartville Subd., Dela Paz 1600, Philippines Niceman Inc.Your program had been a great help to my family ... Point 121.09296 14.61223 50e732aea71c34fc0c013f89 Bartville Rd, Pasig City, Philippines Crisgard Point 121.09265 14.612089 50e71959a71c34da0a01d446 63 116 Amang Rodriguez Ave, Pasig City, Philippines Saint Camillus Polyclinic Point 121.091728 14.612035 55722647a62b7fe0426e17af establishment Point 121.092369 14.617532 Global Maintenance & Automation Corporation.Unit 6 Jacinto Plaza Bldg.,, 58 East Amang Rodriguez Avenue, Pasig, 1610 Metro Manila, Philippines 63 50e732aea71c34fc0c013f3f Pasig City, Philippines Sto.

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Done something great to make a serious effort to win the best seat in the national assembly for the second time that encompasses.

It is a fearless exposition of unbiblical teachings of many religion in the Philippines and in the world.

The Ang Dating Daan Directory allows you to search an address and contact information of Ang Dating Daan locals or a coordinating centers in the world.

After Perez's death in 1975, Levita Gugulan, the secretary-general of the church, succeeded as presiding minister; Soriano countered the authority of Gugulan.

In February 21, 1976, Eliseo Soriano, the only ordained minister by Perez, together with 16 other members created a schism and began a new church organization called "Mga Kaanib Iglesia ng Dios kay Kristo Hesus Haligi at Saligan ng Katotohanan sa Bansang Pilipinas" (translated as "Members Church of God in Christ Jesus, Pillar and Ground of Truth in the Philippine Nation") which was officially registered in 1977.

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