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The love-guru is putting her knowledge to good use ahead of the launch of her online talk show next month, where she will discuss love and relationships with a host of expert guests from around the world.

We work with any dating and relationship related issues, from how to create an online dating profile to how to communicate better with your partner.

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Sadly we can’t offer personalised advice for free because we just get too many requests.

I’m asking women to embrace their own importance and empowerment. ‘Women challenge patriarchal or sexist practices in many other areas of our lives but we’re failing to look at love and dating through that mechanism. We help our clients get relationships through private one-to-one date coaching or couples counselling, seminars and workshops. Putting a lot of effort into dating and not finding any meaningful relationships? Welcome to Passion Smiths, London’s best dating coach and relationship counsellors dedicated to helping singles and couples alike.‘When you do, you start thinking about what it means to you to select a partner who is good for you rather than randomly “winning” any man who will accept you.’ ‘Probably the first dating Bible was the female equivalent of The Game [a male pick-up artist story], which was called The Rules. ‘There’s harassment and then there’s approaching people in a way that’s respectful.‘They literally gave a set of rules to live by if one wants to have a husband. ‘People say approaching someone in the daytime is harassment. ‘Why is it fine to meet someone by going to a bar, getting drunk, deciding there’s no-one fit around you and then going on Tinder?

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