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Hundreds of people rallied raucously and danced against hate Friday in advance of a conservative "free speech" rally over the weekend near the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco that civic leaders worry might turn violent. (8-26-17)Hurricane Harvey roared onto the Texas Gulf Coast Friday night, the fiercest storm to hit the U. (8-25-17)It's a nasty showdown on the sidelines of Levi's Stadium.

Saturday by the bay: mostly cloudy with patchy fog in the morning, becoming sunny. West winds could reach 10 to 20 mph in the afternoon. Police chief Mike Sellers accused mayor Lisa Gillmor of putting her grievances against the 49ers ahead of the city's best interests. (8-25-17)The phrase "let them eat cake" just might take on a new meaning at an annual San Francisco event this weekend.

Brown released it as 'The Payback', an epic much-sampled eight-track double album that many regard as the funkiest thing ever recorded. The Beatles, 1965The Beatles spread their wings, from Lennon's Dylan-influenced You've Got To Hide Your Love Away to Mc Cartney's orchestral manoeuvres for Yesterday. Tommy The Who, 1975Surely the weirdest and most wonderful of all rock-opera movies, Tommy has the lot: Aretha Franklin, Keith Moon, Elton John… The Big Chill Various, 1983Lawrence Kasdan's loved and loathed friends-reunited film did for Motown what American Graffiti had done for rock'n'roll a decade before.

Out of the dimness opposite equals advance, always substance and increase, always sex, Always a knit of identity, always distinction, always a breed of life.

The Sound of Music Rodgers & Hammerstein, 1965Was there ever a more complete soundtrack? From the goofy Lonely Goatherd to the elegiac Edelweiss, via the soaring title song, The Sound of Music is as invigorating as an Alpine climb.

Diva Vladimir Cosma, 1981Cosma's score, for a slick, super-stylish thriller about an opera singer who refuses to be recorded, introduced a new kind of ambient, keyboard-driven cool to soundtracks. Various, Arista, 1979The cream of Britain's original burst of post-punk chart stars - Ian Dury, Elvis Costello, The Only Ones, The Undertones - plus American interlopers (Patti Smith, Richard Hell) get their hits out.

The Payback James Brown, 1974Brown recorded his first great soundtrack for the gangster street saga Black Caesar.

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