Double dating

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Found 1066 sentences matching phrase "double dating". Translation memories are created by human, but computer aligned, which might cause mistakes. You are a couple, but hanging out alone can be really boring at times.

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The fun atmosphere can be made even more enjoyable, provided the couples know the basic dating etiquette.

The supervisor asked my friend if she and her significant other would go on a double date with the boss and her mate.

My friend was so taken aback by her manager's request that she blurted out, "Yeah, OK," and quickly changed the subject. In our increasingly casual workplaces, how close is too close when it comes to relationships with our bosses?

go by your choice on one date and in the next one, go by the other couple's choice.

Tip # 3 Convey the correct date and time for the date to the other couple and be on time.

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