An error occurred while updating the calendar event outlook 2016

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Outlook 2013 (32- and 64-bit versions) is supported by i Cloud 2.1 i Cloud 2 users should check i Cloud 2 Issues General issues affecting both i Cloud1 and i Cloud2 are at i Cloud and Outlook Problems and issues specific to Contacts are at i Cloud and Outlook Contact Sync Issues.

an error occurred while updating the calendar event outlook 2016-70

an error occurred while updating the calendar event outlook 2016-30

Although the Windows version of Web Ex Productivity Tools supports Microsoft Outlook 2016 as of version WBS30.3 and WBS, due to changes in Microsoft Outlook 2016, Productivity Tools supports only one email invitation template for all meetings, including CMR Hybrid meetings, Web Ex-only, Personal Conference, and Audio-only meetings.The email template that is supported is the attendee version that does not contain the host key and host access code.Similar to the Mac experience, hosts will be able to view their host key or host access code by logging into their Web Ex site when joining their meeting.Each profile is responsible for synchronizing one Outlook calendar/task or contact folder with a remote folder of a Cal DAV/Card DAV server.Beginning with version 2.15.0 advanced configuration settings are hidden by default and you can enable them by clicking on When adding a new profile you can choose between a generic Cal DAV/Card DAV, a google profile to simplify the google profile creation and predefined Cal DAV/Card DAV profiles for SOGo, Fruux, Posteo, Yandex, GMX, Sarenet and Landmarks, Cozy Cloud and Nextcloud where the DAV Url for autodiscovery is already entered.

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