Web cam hacked porn srbija

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As it turned out, users all across the globe made the same simple mistake, which let the hackers in.The users kept the device’s default passwords or chose weak combinations like 12345.Hacking webcams is a popular activity for young hackers.While the general public has become aware of this creepy hobby only recently, it has actually been a “hobby” of hackers for years.From human trafficking to revenge porn to hackers now taking over your private life without your knowledge.From tweens to teens to even young adults and seniors --- anyone with an active webcam is ripe for the picking if a RAT (Remote Access Trojan) takes over their computer.

It streamed video from thousands of webcams located in 250 world countries.In fact, the DCA found posts from the hackers' chat room, Hack Forums, describing how to use You Tube to spread RATs.This malware would allow the ratters to take control of electronic devices and attack the users without their knowledge.So everything on your computer - pictures, documents, contact lists - are at the hacker's mercy. With the RAT downloaded, the hacker can do whatever they want with your computer - take pictures with the webcam, record conversations, even send emails - in your name - from your computer. Perhaps even harder to believe is that ratters post these videos on You Tube and make money on them. After a ratter took control of her computer, she was completely unaware that someone was watching her every move in her home for months. In their newest investigation, the Digital Citizens Alliance (DCA) found ratters mocking and belittling their victims on You Tube.That's right, this subset of hackers, known as ratters, turn their exposed victims into click-bait and can make thousands of dollars sharing their victims with the world. The ratter would eventually harass and threaten her, sharing the videos he made without her knowledge or permission. Not only do the ratters share the faces of victims, but they also provide "tutorials" for others on how to get victims.

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