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, Curtis Stone earned a nickname from fans, for his ability to get things done without drawing a ton of attention to himself: the Quiet Terminator.

To this day, it's a pretty accurate description of the chef.

" Radnor, 35, and Price, 32, who first met in 2007 when she guest starred on "How I Met Your Mother," didn't begin dating until they reconnected in New York a year and a half later.

Soap Opera actress who played Janet Sosna on the original version of the series Beverly Hills 90210.

Despite appearing on's Lindsay Price, he was intimidated the second she ordered a drink—a single malt on the rocks—but tried to play it cool. "So I ordered the same thing and pretended to enjoy it the whole night."Sucking it up clearly worked—or, at least, didn't ruin his chances with Price, considering the two have been married for three years now.

Thiessen posted a picture of herself and her husband, actor Brady Smith, from the reception to her Instagram page, writing, "Toast to our dear friends for an amazing wedding weekend in Mallorca, Spain.

Local show listings on A post shared by Curtis Stone (@curtisstone) on From there, things only got more chaotic.

"All Rachael asked me to do was pulse a pickle, but in the chaos, I left the blender going, and what was supposed to be a quick chop turned into a mushy puree—all on live TV."Still, he takes those fails in stride."That's the beauty of the kitchen: Tomorrow's always another day," he says.

His name is Curtis Stone, and these two are almost ridiculously sweet together.

They met in 2009, they had a baby two years later, they got married two years after that, and they had a second baby a year later.

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